The Radford Special



In 1953, a Mr Alf Radford built a car in the front room of his house in Lyndhurst Terrace, Market Lane, Swalwell. To remove the car after its completion, the window of the house was removed and the car was lifted out. This was such an unusual event that the press of the time reported it in a number of newspapers. These are shown below. The light blue car, which had an 1172cc engine was registered in July 1953 with the registration number WFF 321. It was then garaged in an old wooden garage on the junction of Woodhouse Lane and Whickham Bank (opposite Clavering Road). The car could often be seen moving around Swalwell in the late 50s / early 60s which was the last time I saw the car.

During its 64 year life it has had only 4 owners and is now currently under restoration by the current owners - a family in York. Hopefully we will have photos of the car once restoration is finished.




The car prior to restoration








The original garage on Whickham Bank where the Special was kept.









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