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These are some of the photographs which I have taken in and around Swalwell since 2002.  They are not in any particular order either by date or subject. My purpose only being to show parts of the village and surrounding areas. All of these images have been given to Gateshead Library for historical record. If you would like to place your Swalwell images here, please email to me at Thanks!


Spencer's Buildings, Foundry Lane, Swalwell Sports Car Spares, Swalwell Clavering Bridge, Swalwell

Spencer's Buildings

demolished in 2002

Formerly part of Swalwell

Brass Foundry

Derwent Bridge

Built in 1760

Axwell Hall from Swalwell Lonnen The Dam Head, Swalwell South Farm Cottage, Swalwell

Axwell Hall from

Swalwell Lonnen

The Dam Head

(Ladies Steps)

South Farm Cottage

Swalwell Lonnen

Caretaker's House, Swalwell School Farm House, Swalwell Holy Trinity Church, Swalwell

The old school

caretaker's house

Farm house on

Swalwell Lonnen

The Holy Trinity Church

The Toll House, Swalwell Swalwell War Memorial Former Crowley Hotel, Swalwell

The Toll House

at Clavering bridge

Swalwell War Memorial

Maguire's Fish n Chips

formerly Crowley Hotel

Ebenezer Chapel Memorial, Swalwell The Old Vicarage Old Cottage, Swalwell

Marker to the former

location of the

Ebenezer Chapel

The old vicarage - now

a private residence

Long forgotten cottage on

Miller's Lane, but I

remember when people

lived here

A1 to Swalwell Swalwell Sunset 2005 Swalwell's oldest building - built 1640

The A1 approaching


Taken in Summer 2005

from Hood Street

The Angel built in 1640

as a coaching inn.

Swalwell's oldest building

Old barn on the Lonnen The Dam Head, Swalwell Entrance to Derwent Walk Country Park

An old barn next to

South Farm Cottage

on Swalwell Lonnen

The Dam Head

Former support of rail

bridge over Hexham Road

The Giant's Grave Whickham Bank at Swalwell Farm Buildings, Swalwell

The Giant's Grave

formerly a rail track for

carrying pit slag from

Bagnall's pit

Foot of Whickham Bank

(see circular pic at top to

make comparison)

Old farm buildings on

Swalwell Lonnen

Sands Lane at the

rail bridge

Swalwell Front Street Swalwell Cricket Club

Swalwell Fire Station

Built 1962-Demolished 2007

Sands (Hikey) Bridge

Road bridge over the

Derwent on Hexham Road

A wintry Dam Head

Store at the foot of

Hood Street

(now a pizza shop)

Annie's Fish & Chip Shop

Many uses since it closed

Shop at foot of

Brewery Bank

A chilly 3Ts

3Ts at Sunset

Brewery House

Hood Street

Clavering Bridge

The Golden Dragon

(formerly Arthur Lumley's


The Sun

The Sun (Springtime)

The Pavilion

(formerly Swalwell FC &

Swalwell Cricket Club)

Spring in Swalwell

The Poacher's Pocket

(formerly Crowley Hotel)

Market Lane


The Clubhouse

Swalwell Juniors Football Club


Development of

Broadmeadows Close

The Holy Trinity Church

Lidls' under construction

War Memorial and

Jubilee Terrace

Chapel cum Curry house

Market Lane at foot

of Hood Street

The War Memorial

Swalwell's famous

chimney from Northumberland

Paper Mill days

before, during and after



(an Adobe Photoshop creation)









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