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Swalwell school was opened in 1875 and closed its doors for the last time in 1987. Over 112 years the school taught pupils from Swalwell and beyond. When I attended the school from 1957 to 1963 the primary part of the school was headed by a Miss Kelly and the junior school by the feared Percy Crozier. I like to think that pupils there received a fairly decent education along with a lot of discipline. Crozier ruled with a rod of iron and to coin the cliche, 'It never did us any harm'. Following are a selection of photographs taken at the school from 1902 to 1987.  If you can identify anyone, please let me know..!  Thanks to Roy Hands, Keith Skelton, Angus McLure, Doug Howell and Ken Wright  for supplying some of these photos and identifying some of the pupils herein.

You can view and download the Swalwell School Commemorative booklet by clicking HERE


The Door To HELL (for some)

The Assembly Hall  - How many thousands of kids stood here over the 112 years.

School Yard from the back of the caretaker's house.

Swalwell School War Memorial plaque.

Swalwell School 1902

Taken in 1902 at Derwent Bridge, the earliest photograph of pupils of the school I think.

Pre 1910

Swalwell School c.1906  - Front Row extreme left is Ms. Mary Ann Gatlin - identified

by a Swalwell relative.






Not sure of the year on this one - maybe c.1910

Probably taken around 1910 - dress looks Edwardian

Swalwell School Football Team 1910

Swalwell School Football Team 1927-28

1920s or 30s maybe. Anyone look familiar?

Swalwell School Class of the 1930s (?)

Swalwell School Football Team - 1948

Swalwell School Staff - 1950s / 60s  -  Please let me know if you can ID any of them.

Swalwell School Staff - 1962

School teaching staff at the beach

Swalwell School Dinner Ladies on the retirement of Mrs. Skelton (sitting right rear) c. 1960s

A Class of the 1940s

Anyone recognise the girl 4th from right?

Still 1 or 2 need identifying


1950s again (with the infamous Percy Crozier HM at left)

1950s again

Sometime in the 1950s - any ideas?

BBACK ROW Mary Ball, Irene Robson, Elizabeth Winship, Archie Andrews, Philip Walters, Ken Gillender, Dorothy Ross, Carol Grey, Margaret Hodgson

MIDDLE ROW Roy Hands, Malcolm Storey, Tony Gibbons, Roxby Davison, Billy Parkin, David Johnston, Ken Morrison, Jimmy Jewitt, Ronny Young

FFRONT ROW Olga Whitfield, Maureen Bell, (unknown), Margaret Wood, Maureen Stevenson, Beryl Barnaby, Yvonne Clarkson, Wendy Sanderson,

                    June Seymour


A class of 1956



Another from 1956



Another from 1956



Swalwell School Trip in the 1950s  - Destination Bowes Museum or Roman Wall,

Were you there - can you confirm the destination?


More Coming Soon.............








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