Old Swalwell Photographs 3



Rail Bridge over the Derwent Rosemary's Cottage - Long Rigg
The old shops on Front Street Oldest photograph of The Seven Stars
The Ancient Skiff Inn William Shield's birthplace
The Skiff Inn Swalwell Station - 1905
Taylor's Brewery Swalwell
Swalwell (Taylor's) Brewery Front Street
Hexham Road (Swalwell Roundabout) Swalwell School from Colbeck Avenue
Swalwell School from Market Lane Swalwell Post Office Staff
Swalwell Station c.1963 Swalwell Station c.1963
Swalwell Town Gate The Avenue
Swalwell Waterside Swalwell Waterside
Axwell Pit ambulance Ridley's Steelworks staff
The Wherry Inn, Swalwell Whickham Bank, Swalwell
The Wherry Inn - Swalwell Waterside Whickham Bank nr Miller's Bridge
Hexham Road, Swalwell The White House, Swalwell
Foot of Whickham Bank from Hexham Rd. The White House
Swalwell Co-operative 1 Swalwell Co-operative 2
Swalwell Co-op - Market Lane Swalwell Co-op - Market Lane

Swalwell Co-op - Whickham Branch at

foot of Fellside Road

The Dam Head. I wonder who this kid is/was,

and where is he now?

The Sun c.1909, Swalwell Arthur Kimber's Newsagents, Swalwell
The Sun c. 1910 Arthur Kimber Newsagent Shop
Front Street, Swalwell
Swalwell Front Street c.1925 Swalwell Front Street
Clavering Bridge The Dam Head
Rail Bridge on Hexham Road Swalwell Station c.1963
1918 Peace celebrations in Swalwell


An old painting of the Derwent

and Axwell Hall

Clavering Bridge The Rail Bridge
The Derwent and Clavering Bridge Colbeck Avenue

Successful cup winning members of Swalwell Football Club in the 1960s

(Courtesy of Dougie Newstead)

Swalwell Club Committee in the 1970s Hood Street & War Memorial

Clavering Bridge

Clavering Bridge

Part of the old brickworks

(now Thirlwell coaches)

Clavering Bridge Toll House (Kerridges)


Rail / Footbridge at the junction of

the Tyne and Derwent

Swalwell War Memorial in its old

location at The Toon Gate

Axwell Pit

Dale Coaches - which, apparently, ran from

Whickham to Ryton via Whickham Bank.


Swalwell school team 1948. Played 11, won 9, drew 2.

BaMr. Smith, C Smith, D Smith, J Kimber,Mr. Crozier, M Brown, R Snaith, K Watson, Mr. Brogan. B Armstrong, F Scott,

S Chesterman, R Woodhall, F Forster,



Primitive Methodist football team

Holy Trinity and Claxton Hall c. 1976 Sands (Hikey) Bridge
Old steam shunting engine at the opencast Derwent rail bridge
Whickham Bank from Miller's Bridge - looking North Swalwell Station c.1930s

Swalwell lads n' lasses having some fun on the old school sports field

I can see Billy Hind, Alan Moorehead, Joe Clark, Vera Stubbs, Brian Oliver, Sheila Hindson.

Anyone know the others?



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