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Many of the old photographs of Swalwell may be found in the Gateshead and Whickham Library archives and can be obtained from the former for a small charge. I have many of these in larger sizes and if there is/are  any particular photograph(s)s which you would like, please let me know and I will email to you. If you have any photographs of Swalwell which are not shown on these pages, please send to me and I will post on the website. Thank you.



Long forgotten cricket match at Crow Trees Staff at Crowley's Yard
Front Street from Long Rigg The Clavering Arms on The Avenue
Swalwell Station Staff

Swalwell Cricket Club Team

League Champions 1938

The Dam Head Ebenezer Chapel - Market Lane
The Highlander Highlander bar and Mr William Gillender
Johnson's Newsagents - Market Lane Logan's Shop - Front Street
That 1913 bus crash again Napier Road
Oxley's Farm Park Terrace
Park View Swalwell Park
The Buck (Now an Indian restaurant) Three Tuns, Sun and Seven Stars pubs
River Derwent The Seven Stars
Market Lane

Daughter of Gilley Gray and his horse

Prince, returning from Appleby Fair

PC Lilley booking a couple of wayward cyclists

on Front Street, in the days when the law was

the law

Ellis Steelworks
Johnson's Newsagents and part of Swalwell Co-op The Dam Head
Topsy Robson's shop (Logan's) Malton's Yard and members of the Barnes family at Swalwell Waterside
Market Lane and Lyndhurst Terrace Market Lane and Lyndhurst Terrace
Market Lane and Swalwell Schoo; Front Street from Hexham Road
Swalwell School from Miller's Lane Swalwell School
Oxley's Haulage Company The Queens Head - Hexham Road
Spencer's Buildings - Foundry Lane Swalwell School c.1940s
Staff of Shield Brothers - Builders Swalwell School c.1910
Swalwell School from Market Lane

Swalwell School under demolition - a sad

end to a fine institution

Veitch's Hardware - bottom of Napier Road Veitch's Hardware - bottom of Napier Road
Swalwell Waterside Water Pipe at Clavering Bridge
Axwell Terrace Axwell Terrace
West View Terrace, Swalwell West View Terrace under demolition
West View Terrace West View Terrace under demolition

The following five photographs were submitted by Keith Skelton - Swalweller,

Soldier, and now retired and resident in North Yorkshire.

South View Terrace c.1957

Be-suited Keith Skelton, The Dougherty Twins

and other Swalwell kids.

Keith's grandfather (Paternal) Fred Skelton, taken

in South View Terrace in the 1930ís.  He was the manager of Swalwell Brass Foundry

Keith's mother is second from right in

the middle row.

Keith and trusty dog at Lang Jack's

monument on Woodhouse Lane..

A famous NUFC team which includes Keith's Grandfather -  J. Lambert

( back row, fourth from left) "Howay The Lads.!"

The following photographs and information were provided by Tommy Cook.
Axwell Park Rovers - 1903


Swalwell Axwell Rovers 1923/24


 - Jack Charlton,  Right back - Bordy Brown, Left back - Billy Arnold
Ri - Joby Thompson, Centre half - Natty Clark, Left half - Nichol Watson

- Herbie Longstaff, Inside right - Billy Lumley,                   - Tommy Dixon\

 - Patsy Walton (Seppy Waltons dad?), Outside Left - Harry Wade


(the players are standing as they would have lined up in those days i.e. Keeper - full backs (2)

either side of him- half back line (3) and forwards (5).

Other people in the photograph are;

Standing next to the right back - John Lockey, trainer (didn't call them coaches in those days)
- Kneeling next to the left winger - Tommy Mallam, committee man
- and best of all.......sitting in front of the left winger - Winter Morrell, mascot.


Jack Charlton (Portsmouth), Billy Lumley (Norwich) and Patsy Walton (Burnley and Alloa)

all played professional football at some stage. No wonder they were obviously winning a

few trophies locally.


Members of the Blackbird family - 1927



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