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Swalwell Market Lane in 1909Swalwell is a village in the Metropolitan Borough of Gateshead in North East England. It is probably better known today for being the location of Gateshead Metro Centre but it has been the birthplace and/or residence of some interesting people. The last thing Swalwell could be described as is a pretty village, but it has had an interesting social and industrial history. Sadly, little has been recorded.  I have pulled together bits and pieces about the village and they are all included on this site.  A sample of some photos of the village  are on the short video composition in the video section. 


Swalwell Railway Street c. 1910

Here you can learn a little of Swalwell's history, its famous personalities, see how Swalwell is today and what it was like in the past.You can see photographs of Swalwell people and read some of their memories, (perhaps you will know some of them) and other aspects of Swalwell including the biggest panoramic view of the village ever produced AND MUCH MORE... You can download 'The Swalwell Story', 'The Swalwell School Booklet' and 'The Swalwell Co-op Book' and keep them forever, but you will require Adobe Reader to view them, which can be obtained for free from HERE

Swalwell School Class of 1956-7I believe in the adage that "a picture speaks a thousand words", and have included old and new photographs of Swalwell on almost every page. There are hundreds of photographs of old Swalwell in the Old Photos Section alone. To save space and speed of page loading most of the images are smallish but if you would like to have some larger copies for yourself, please let me know and I will be more than happy to email to you.  Similarly, if you have memories or photographs of Swalwell which you would like to share here, please send them on to me with a brief description and I will post on the site

I hope that the site content will invigorate the memories of visiting Swalwellers, and that they will enjoy what they see and return again on many occasions. Your feedback and new content  of Swalwell would also be very much appreciated. All material submitted will be given relevant accreditation.

The sources of information and images on this site are many. I would like to thank the following for Swalwell Town Gate c. 1920their contributions. Members of Swalwell Local History Society, Numerous Swalwell folk including Michael Gallagher, Thomas Cook, Alan Cook, Billy Rodgers, Keith Skelton, Dougie Newstead, plus Gateshead Library, The Dean and Chapter Westminster Abbey, The National Portrait Gallery, Dragonfly Music, The Northumbrian Pipe Society, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and those ex-Swalwellers from around the world who have sent me photographs and information. Thank you all.


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